White Water Rafting

"Starting in the snow fields and glaciers of the High Himalayas and warmed by a fiery noonday sun, ice crystals dissolve into droplets of pure water. Joining together these gain weight and momentum, gathering speed as they tumble down mountainsides. Small rivulets form, evolving into larger ones. Raging torrents replace cascading streams. The water deepens and great rapids emerge, snaking through the hills in a welter of white. Emerging onto the plains, the ice blue waters eat and dissolve the rich alluvial soil, and slow. Now a silt laden brown, the rivers widen, meandering through a landscape of variegated greens until finally dispersing in the salt laden breakers of the great Southern Ocean".

Rafting in the foothills of the Himalayas is a challenge and an experience not to be missed. As well as the thrill of exciting white water rapids, the scenery is superb with high forested hills rising above blue-green waters. In these conditions camping under the stars, on pristine banks of white sand, allows one to enjoy a peace and tranquility that only remote and unspoilt places can offer.

Most of our Rafting trips are run on the river Mahakali which, flowing North to South, forms a border between India and Nepal. This is a new area as far as river running goes and consequently is not crowded. Rapids are grade II to grade III+, with one grade IV+ (The Chuka Man-Eater) so although challenging are not too radical! Good quality rafts , 16 to 18 feet in length, are used for these runs, along with helmets and full safety equipment. Our river guides are trained and experienced. For Camping we supply weatherproof 2 man tents with foam mats, camp stools and tables, a mess tent, plus of course all meals are provided. Our staff will help you with your luggage and personal items.

Note Nearly all our rafting expeditions stop for a few days at our Chuka Riverside Camp, giving you the opportunity for fishing, birdwatching, wildlife and short exploratory treks.

  • Our basic 8 day expedition rafting down the Mahakali is outlined below.
    Itinerary Code- RAM 8
  • Day 01 Mountain Quail Camp to Mahakali.
  • Day 02 Rafting to Wilderness Camp
  • Day 03 Rafting and Camping by the river
  • Day 04 Rafting to Chuka Riverside Camp
  • Day 05,06 At Chuka Riverside Camp
  • Day 07 Rafting out to Boom. Camp overnight
  • Day 08 Return to Mountain Quail Camp
  • Delhi to Delhi add one extra day.
  • For our longer 15 day Itinerary please see under Tours/ Itineraries or ask for further information.