About the PEOPLE

Siddarth Anand

Sid lives in the Kumaon hills, where he runs his wilderness resort-Mountain Quail Lodge and Camp at Pangot. From his early school days in Sherwood at Nainital, Sid was very passionate about the great outdoors, and this is when he started to develop and hone his skills for the outdoors, including rock climbing, trekking, camping, and learning and understanding the lives of simple hillfolk. An experienced biker, he has since lead numerous motorbike expeditions and exploratory trips in the Himalayas, including Nepal and Ladakh as well as trips for angling, white water rafting and wildlife safaris.

Sid started an adventure company in 1994 to promote the lesser known regions of Kumaon and Western Nepal; to bring people closer to nature, experience 'the great outdoors' and help conserve the eco system. Blaze A trail Adventures promotes Motorbike Expeditions, wildlife, birdwatching, trekking , angling, rafting, horse back safaris, camping, mountain biking, overland jeep safaris, photography and cultural tours. The company is dedicated to conservation and preservation of the eco-system.

Bhavna Anand

Bundle... as she is fondly called, is a hill girl born and brought up in Kumaon. A very keen outdoor enthusiast and wonderful hostess, Bundle passionately helps plan our tours and puts together exciting menus while on our Outdoor expeditions, when she is not busy looking after guests at Mountain Quail!

She has traveled extensively in North India and Nepal including traversing the highest motorable road in the world, in Ladakh.

Our Staff

Our staff are from the local region of Uttaranchal and are trained and experienced in , safety, field- craft, trekking and mountaineering. They know the trails well and have a keen eye on spotting wildlife and birds and of course have a lot of exciting local stories to tell!

As a company our objective is to provide a level of hospitality and service that is of the highest standards. At the same time safety is our prime concern. We offer reasonable prices and operate in such a way as to protect the environment to the best of our ability.