For the avid birder, or the enthusiastic naturalist, the Kumaon hills offer a rich diversity of flora and fauna.

With terrain which varies from the Sal Forests and Lantana of the Bhabar region (1500 -2000 feet) to the beautiful Oak, Rhododendron and Pine of the high hills(4500-8000 feet), there is an immense variety of birdlife.

In the jungles at the edge of the hills dwell flocks of Bulbuls, Finches, Flycatchers and White Eyes. Scarlet Minivets compete with Raquet Tailed Drongos in the tree tops, while Great Pied Hornbills whoosh overhead.


Along the streams and riverbeds Pied Kingfishers ply the waterways with their cousins the Whitebreasted and Little Blue Kingfishers. White Capped Redstarts mix with Herons, and occasionally one comes across the elusive Forktail. In the bushes and Lantana live the Himalayan Rubythroat and Rufous Fronted Niltava.


Up in the hills, the cliffs and rock faces are the domain of the great Raptors.Here the Himalayan Golden Eagle, Himalayan Griffon and magnificent Lammergeier reign supreme. In the Oak and Pine forests Cheer, Koklas, and Kaleeje Pheasants make their presence known, and in the Rhododendron, clouds of White Capped and White Throated Laughing Thrushes chatter away.

The Maroon Oriole sings its melodious tune from the tree tops, while Red Billed Magpies scavenge in the bushes along with Sibias, Jays, Finches and many others.

Our resorts , Mountain Quail Camp at Pangot, and Camp Corbett at Kaladhungi give you a chance to appreciate the Birdlife at different elevations. Camp Corbett, at the base of the hills, allows access to the denizens of the jungle and wetland bird, while Mountain Quail Camp covers the higher reaches of Oak and Rhododendron. There is also considerable migratory movements between the plains and the hills, allowing the visitor to appreciate different species according to the season.

  • Short birding excursions can be arranged directly from Mountain Quail Camp and Camp Corbett, or if you wish we will send you more information.
    Our special 12 day Birding Itinerary
  • (Ex Delhi) is outlined below.
  • Note - This Itinerary only operates between November the 15th. and June the 15th. as the Corbett Park is closed during the monsoon.
  • Note If you wish to include Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary along with a visit to the Taj Mahal, please add 4 days.
    Itinerary Code- BC12
  • Day 01 Delhi to Camp Corbett
  • Day 02,03,04 At Camp Corbett with excursions to interesting birding spots on foot and by Jeep
  • Day 05 To Mountain Quail Camp
  • Day 06,07,08 At Mountain Quail Camp Exploring the hills on foot and by Jeep. Visits to spectacular local areas
  • Day 09,10,11 To Corbett National Park In Corbett Park- birding & wildlife viewing from Jeeps watch tower and elephant.
  • Day 12 Return to Delhi