To the North of our two Camps are the high mountains of the Indian Himalayas. Majestic peaks such as Nanda Devi, Nanda Kot, Trishul and Panchchuli rise to well over twenty two thousand feet, forming a backdrop of stark rocky mountainside with deep wind blown snow. Glaciers like the Pindari and Milam flow Southwards in great sheets of ice and are as spectacular as any in the whole Himalayan range. This is also the watershed of the many great rivers which irrigate the plains of Northern India, including the Kali, Gori, Dhauli, Kuti and Pindar.


Trekking in these mountains gives the traveller an opportunity to experience a varied culture with considerable influence from Nepal and Tibet especially in the higher reaches. Though not so common these days traders still ply the high passes and, in small towns like Munsyari, you will find Nepalese and Tibetan handicrafts, mixed in with locally produced items, such as Shawls and Chutkas.


While trekking you pass isolated villages spread over grassy meadows and hillsides. Here and there are areas of dense Oak and Rhododendron forest and in places glacial lakes and hot springs. Wildlife is scattered at these altitudes, but you may see Leopard, Ghoral (Mountain Goat) and Sambar. Close to the snow line Musk Deer, Blue Sheep and Monal Pheasants are in evidence and occassionaly the rare Snow Leopard.


Hiking during the day and Camping out under the stars by night allows one to admire unspoilt vistas with brilliant sunrises and sunsets. After all, this is what trekking is all about!

Blaze A Trail provides all Camping equipment, food, porters and the services of an experienced guide. You need to bring a good quality sleeping bag and a daypack for personal items. A full list is supplied with the Itinerary.

  • High altitude treks are for groups only (min.5 persons)
  • Our most popular treks are the 16-day Milam Glacier- code TRM16, and Pindari Glacier- codeTRP15. Both treks Ex Delhi.

    A beautiful trek in an unspoilt area of the Himalayas. Spectacular views of Nanda Kot and Nanda Devi.... and the Milam Glacier. Glorious sunrises and sunsets.

    CODE - TRM16 Duration of Excursion 16 days - Delhi to Delhi/

    • Day 01 - Delhi to Mountain Quail Camp, Pangot :: Arrive in the afternoon:: Short walk:: Stay at Mountain Quail Camp ( 6500ft.)
    • Day 02 : At Mountain Quail Camp:: Walks and acclimatization
    • Day 03 : Early morning- depart for Munsyari:: Arrive in the evening:: Stay at the Tourist Rest House
    • Day 04 : Day in Munsyari:: Stay at the Tourist Rest House
    • Day 05 : Munsyari to Lilam:: The first day of our trek takes us along the river Gori, to Lilam (approx. 15km.) :: Camp for the night
    • Day 06 : Lilam to Bagudiar:: A 16 km. Trek through rough forested terrain and along the banks of the rushing Gori. A steep uphill climb takes us to Bagudiar, where the Poting rivulet ( from the Poting glacier ) meets the river Gori:: . Camp for the night
    • Day 07 : Bagudiar to Rilkot:: A trek of approx. 12 km. At this point the Central Crystalline region ends and we enter the Tethys Himalaya. Camp for the night
    • Day 08 : Rilkot to Milam village:: A 15 km. Trek via Burfu and Bilju villages. Spectacular views of the Eastern and main peaks of Nanda Devi ( 7816m.) and the Northern wall of the Nanda Devi Sanctaury:: Camp for the night
    • Day 09 : Milam village:: Trek to Milam Glacier (5km.). Below the Har Deval Peak (7151m.) is the Glacier of Milam from which the Gori river emerges. Camp for the night near Milam village
    • Day 10 to :Trek from Milam village to Munsyari via Bilju, Burfu, Rilkot and Bagudiar.
    • Day 13 Camping en route
    • Day 14 : Munsyari to Mountain Quail Camp:: Stay at Mountain Quail Camp
    • Day 15 : Mountain Quail Camp:: At leisure
    • Day 16 : Mountain Quail Camp to Delhi:: Arrive Delhi in the afternoon
  • NOTE
  • An average day on our treks involves 5-7 hours walking , with breaks for lunch, photography, rests etc., depending on the number of kilometres covered and the terrain.
  • This is trekking at a moderate pace ( not fast ).
  • SEASON : Mid. May to Mid. June and Mid. September to Mid. October.