About the REGION

‘Kumaon’, the area in which we operate our tours is one of the most scenic geographical zones of the Himalayas. Situated in the State of Uttaranchal, India, it is separated from Nepal to the East by the Kali river, while to the North is the Kailash Mansarovar region of Western Tibet.


The word 'Kumaon' is believed to be derived from 'Kurmanchal' which means the Land of Kurmavatar (The tortoise incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Preserver of the Hindu Trinity).


Covering thousands of square kilometres, the Kumaon Himalaya has an immensely diverse terrain, varying from densely forested foothills, the haunt of Tiger and Elephant, to magnificent snow peaks and glaciers. This beautiful landscape is also home to fascinating cultures and to people with traditional ways of life.