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ITINERARIES Please note small changes in itineraries may be necessary due to unforeseen circumstances. However alterations, if any, will be made in the best interests of the group or individual and you will be fully informed of any changes.

GROUP SIZE Normally our groups will vary from four to fifteen (max.) participants. The minimum number of persons required to operate a tour is mentioned under the itineraries. However, in certain circumstances, depending on the tour, we will operate at less than the minimum number in order to avoid disappointment to our guests.

BOOKING A booking form can be filled online. Please read the conditions carefully and when you have filled it in, return it to your travel agent. A deposit is required when booking , the balance being paid not later than eight weeks before departure. For individuals wanting to stay at Mountain Quail Camp, or Camp Corbett, bookings can be made with your travel agent or with us direct. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask us for further information.


  • Blaze A Trail Adventures can arrange transport for you from Delhi. For more details please contact us.

  • Full Insurance cover is strongly recommended for individuals and groups taking part on our tours.. Remember the unexpected can always happen, so its best to cover oneself You should be covered for medical and personal accident, as well as holiday cancellation. Those going on high altitude treks must be fully insured for medical evacuation in case of accident or illness.

  • Visas can be obtained from your nearest Indian High Commission or Consulate. Passports must be valid for at least seven months from date of entry into India. On booking you will be given information on Visa requirements etc. Note if you plan to leave India and return during you holiday you will need a double entry visa.

  • Make sure you bring any personal medications that you may need. Bring enough to cover yourself for the whole trip. We recommend immunizations against Typhoid, Hepatitis A and Tetanus. Please consult you doctor for more information. A basic first-aid kit is provided on all our excursions.

  • You do not have to be exceptionally fit for most of our activities. However, if you are planning a short trek you should be used to some regular exercise (walking, tennis etc.). For high altitude trekking you must be reasonably fit as these treks can involve strenuous walking. We advise you to have a check-up with your doctor before travelling.

  • Information will be sent to you on which clothes to bring once you book with us. However, in general you should bring a set of semi-camouflaged trousers/shirts/jackets. Jeans with brown or green shirts are a good combination. Bright colours scare off birds and animals, and in certain cases provoke them! Usually during the day it is pleasantly warm and a shirt and possibly sweater are adequate. However, nights can be quite cold requiring a sweater and jacket. Requirements will vary depending on where you are staying and which tour you are taking part in. You should bring one or two pairs of strong walking shoes, especially for trekking.

  • Although 35mm Kodak films are now widely available in India for cameras it is best to stock up before leaving. Tapes for camcorders should be purchased before arrival as they are not easily available here and are expensive. A film speed of ASA 200 to 400 is recommended especially for wildlife photography, and a camera lens of at least 300mm. is useful. For camcorders bring an adapter or two point plug for your battery charger, and remember those spare batteries !

  • Bring most of your money in travellers cheques - Thomas Cook and American Express are easy to change. Credit cards ( Master Card, American Express and Visa ) are usually accepted by big shops.
  • Usually your food and accommodation is covered in the price of the tour, so all you need to do is allow enough spending money for souvenirs, drinks, tips etc. More information will be given on booking.

  • We suggest you bring personal items, such as medicines , toiletries etc. before joining the tour as these items may not be available locally. A list of things to bring will be sent to you when you book.

  • You should bring a daypack, cap, hat, torch and water bottle. Binoculars are good for Birding and Wildlife; in the warmer months carry your swimming gear!

    For those going on a trek bring a sleeping bag. We supply sleeping mats and pillows and the rest of the Camping equipment.

  • For Fishermen you should bring your own fishing rods and tackle. A full list of recommended equipment will be given to you on booking.
  • ON TREK...

  • Blaze A Trail Adventures provides porters for your baggage on both our short, low altitude, treks as well as our high altitude ones; also provided is all Camping equipment such as tents, sleeping mats, pillows, food and cooking equipment. You will have the services of an experienced guide, cook and helpers. You must bring your own sleeping bag and while on trek your baggage will be limited to around 10 to 15 kilos. Bring a small day pack in which to keep cameras personal items etc. However, remember you have to carry your own day pack! Full information will be provided when you book. This includes walking time per day, altitude, and gradient, which will vary depending on the trek.

  • If you wish to extend your stay in Kumaon after the completion of a tour, and visit other areas/destinations, such as Nepal, we will be happy to make arrangements for you.